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"Love this game so much. My day is not complete without logging into it. One of the best online cricket games and 100% genuine (where win is dependent completely on skill levels of players). Best part of HitWicket is "All friends playing virtual cricket under one roof" Kudos to entire HitWicket team!!! "

Suneesh Nair, manager of VizagBlazers

"Very addictive and the best thing is that the Developers are continuously making changes to ensure evolution and no stagnancy. Hats off, I absolutely love HW."

RockyMountainBandit, manager of Bhangra on the pitch

"The Best Online Game , I have Ever Player. Damn Addicted . "

Johny S Raj, manager of Thala Warriors

"Breath and Hitwicket are two essentials elements which i need to survive "

manish21, manager of Borgaon Bravehearts

"So Addicted to this Game, The Best Online Game i have Played So Far. The features available are amazing, Hoping it will get better and the game will be played by maximum around the world and the Musketeer is Awesome too "

Johny S Raj, manager of Thala Warriors

"What I love most about this game is that it is realistic and addictive. I started this game first and now actually half of my friends are playing this game. Another good thing about this game is that it does not waste my time like other games. "

Komahan Selvan, manager of gilli XI

"oh, i love this game. Its actually one of the main thing on my mind when i woke up in the morning. " That player's Deadline is 5PM, ok..all personal meetings cancelled at that time as i need to bid on him". So, this game is one of the most important part of my life and i have said previously also and i am saying again, "Amazing Work Devs, and I am always there to contribute, whatever i can for this lovely game"."

Nishant Gupta, manager of Guillotine Chokers

"Really Amazing guys :) Thanks a lot for giving us a interesting entertainment in a short span of time :) This game will teach us how to manage critical situations, how to utilize the available finance, how to win a game with our ideas, etc. We are using our brain to win so automatically it a worthy game :) "

Ranganathan, manager of BoRn BaBieS

"I eat, sleep & think Hitwicket nowadays! that has been the effect of this game since I joined."

FArGiLe, manager of SUNRH EL FENIX

"A brilliant management game which teaches us to manage our resources really well..! Thanks, Hitwicket for this mind boggling game!"

VVishalBala, manager of WeBelieveintheProcess

"The most addictive online game I have ever played. The best part is that the developers come with changes often which gives the game a new dimension."

Mathew, manager of Jokers XI

"Cricket, like the novel, is great when it presents men in the round, when it shows the salty quality of human nature. Cricket remains for me the game of games, the sanspareil, the great metaphor, the best marriage ever devised of mind and body┬ć. For me it remains the Proust of pastimes, the subtlest and most poetic, the most past- and-present; whose beauty can lie equally in days, in a whole, or in one tiny phrase, a blinding split second........And HITWICKET is the perfect place to experience such lovely game..I'm Addicted to it."

Aditya Jagdev, manager of Kalinga Gladiators

"Undoubtedly the best cricket game ever!...unlike others it provides you with a team, a manager and all those options which make u fel like the owner of a real franchise...a treat for cricket fans \m/"

Suraj Reddy, manager of YennaRascalas

"Lovely concept, always remain excited when it come to Hitwicket. I'm really mad about Hitwicket!"

Gaurab Das, manager of SIDx XI

"Very happy to be among the top few managers... This game has become a part of me.."

Maximus, manager of The Gladiators

"Love this game. I have been here for less than 2 weeks and i am already getting addicted to it. Its good that there are only two matches a week otherwise this website might have made me miss many of my daily chores!! Great game for Cricket lovers who think they have brains!! "

HindiMoguls, manager of Hindi Moguls

"I like this game... very realistic and feel like it real"

Tom Mooddy, manager of Hyderabad Hunting Stars

"Really awesome game need to balance your team with batsmans and bowlers then it will be very interesting I completed 6 levels soo far it is very interesting BT I am still hunger of matches which I get only two or three times a week "

Kiran, manager of Hyderabad Nawabs 6233

"Its awsome game i love it alot and my team is the best team for me "

Shubham, manager of Dhanbad mafias

"Its being a long journey to achieve it. new features idea keep me to stay in this game. Synchronization & support from hitwicket team as well as players never found in any other multi player game. Its a really amazing game and happy to be a part of hitwicket. "

Tapas, manager of Spark X

"The game is pretty good and also it is entertaining, it is the first of its kind in cricket, and the only problem is i can't play matches, it says error/"

Aswin Mythili, manager of Aswin XI 660

"Good game with strategic aspects of cricket involved. Improving the UI and giving more tactical flexibility can be incorporated. "

Ricky, manager of Madras Mavericks

"Really gripping game..... auction,training and other features are really good "

Arunava Kar, manager of KP BLASTER

"Fantastic Sound OF Management in this Game..."

Mayur Pandya, manager of Mayur Scorchers

"Yaaaaaahhhhhooooooo. It's great "

Pranto rj, manager of Dead Men Alive