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"I really love this game by ma heart.. Its a real life game play life.."

IMRAN KHAN, manager of MaNoFWaR

"I like this game, it's very interesting game, different from other games and make me to choose the right player for my team and become a great manager so I just love this ..."


"Awesome game. Good on ya devs.."

Saurya, manager of Pune Marathas

"I love this game because it give realistic experience of cricket"

Amitsinh, manager of Immortal FC

"Love it.. Now a part of life,.."

HaFiZ, manager of The BlacK FlaGs

"I love it That's is just awesome and so nice"

Zahid Khan, manager of Kings XII

"thanks i am enjoying this game "

Mohd Abdul Aqeel, manager of aqeel strikers

"Best cricket game i have ever played love it very addictive game awesome developers pls keep it up u are doing a great job "

Vijay B Sandhu, manager of Team Gujarat

"It has always been a great game :D"

Varun_N, manager of Led Zeppelin

"This is the best cricket game i have had played my all life . Thanku devs ."

Muhammad_Taha, manager of Lions U19

"I am enjoying the game a lot keep it up guys"

Aarush_Mehra, manager of Team Titan

"Its a very good strategy game "

abc_27, manager of rising hyderabad

"The features are well thought out. The engine is easy to use, Nice work."

Wodin, manager of Cunning

"nice strategic mind boggling game to make a entertained way of happiness...."

kalingaXI, manager of streaks1

"Thank you HitWicket..!! Nice to be a part of this game."

Ron Kwan, manager of Kiwi Yaks

"I love the game. This has been my constant companion since 2013. "

SandeepM, manager of Sin Angels

"Lovely game , not a day without opening hitwicket"

Himanshu2605, manager of Dark Phantoms

"I started playing hitwicket 1 month back..this is really the best cricket manager game one can play..i have really been addicted to it and would like to achieve all the targets..very nice work by the developers to design the game..hope to get more amazing features ahead and keep on playing it."

Hasnain Rangooni, manager of Fearless Stalwarts

"Excellant app.. Liked it very much.. "

Satish, manager of Rumbond

"Really a nice game. Am addicted to this game."

MUKESH, manager of Balihari

"I love this game. And I don't even like cricket game in real life."

The Notorious One, manager of The Ravens

"Its a fantastic cricket management game. The hitwicket team deserves lots of applaud as they keep the cricketing fans all over the world engaged and addicted in this game.. Thanks for this wonderful game.. "

AKHIL, manager of THE Royal RCB

"Really love to be a manager of my team.especially this season playing instant matches more interesting and fun.really love it"

mohan89, manager of CHOLAA

"love the game. enjoying every bit of it."

Sakib Emon, manager of Shopnil

"WOW!! reached 10000 when I look back, I never thought I'd make it till here...!! I'm super addicted...:D"

Tushar_V, manager of XI Stallions