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"Hitwicket become the part of my life very addictive and have like a real cricket"

SurResh, manager of CrUsH ThE FoRcE

"Almost 3 months in the game... just loving it, it makes me feel like really a manager of a cricket team... a great game "

Saantanu Sarkar, manager of Santa's Tigers

"This is one of the best game I have ever played. It is a type of game which I will never delete from my phone. The game engine is just outstanding. Hope this increases more and more in number. All the best"

Vidyanshu Singh, manager of MS Dhoni's XI

"this game is so innovative, you really gotta think of your strategies! geat job HW crew!"

Dj_Pari, manager of Rajpaul

"Loved The Game and Addicted To Dis :)"

Krishna Chaitanya, manager of Chaithu Champs

"I Like Hit-wicket a lot.. it is friend to me every time i feel bored!!"

Muthuvel_Dhoni, manager of Team Blitzkriegs

"This is really fantastic.Everyone becoming owner of team is not possible in real life but in hitwicket, u will realize u r a real owner is of team. This will help u to understand ur management ur skills. "

sarathy, manager of King Rules

"its awsome game we having a real feast and so much delighted to play this superb game...WE love it"

Sojumon Mon, manager of SCREAMING EAGELS

"This is awesome i luv this game"

mugadza, manager of chullar sx

"You will be addicted ..!! Such a lovely game, where you feel it a real game on and as you feel like you are the one playing. Kudoos..!! more to say but no words. Please do register if you are not yet into HitWicket ..!!"

Rahul Deshpandey, manager of Notorious Rangers

"this is a really nice game. keep up the good work guys and i hope that u will make this game more and more better by updating it continuously"

Naveed Nahvi, manager of Musketeeeers

"Ya like the game. Its good to manage a team virtually, you get to know all aspects of managing a Team and the difficulties as well. It's fun over all."

Sudhanshu Chatterjee, manager of Holy Tigers

"A lovely game are more important lovely people here! "

Jayant, manager of Hattari

"I am very happy to reach as reliable manager. I firstly thanks my friend mr. ehtesham kittur who endorsed his 31 reputation points to me. This hitwicket cricket game is an excellent game to own a team like we does in a dream. Thankyou one and all."

AltafHussainManiyar, manager of SOULCALIBUR HUNTERS

"One of the best cricket games I have ever played . Makes you feel like playing a real game. Superb commentary, updates and more. I feel once you play it, you won't leave it ."

Leonce, manager of Leonce

"Love this game... I have been hooked onto it since the past 2 months... cant stop playing it :)"

Psycho Bidder, manager of BLTA

"A best app or game,i have ever played in the field of cricket!"

Akshat Jain, manager of Akshat warriors

"love the game, as it provides me an opportunity to analyse things which i love doing and of course it keeps all excitement alive throughout and the play animates me along with my players"

Saurav Pandey, manager of ANG MYRMIDONS

"Awssoome ... better dan any thing else "

Hanish Singhal, manager of blah998

"its an awesomely planned and presented game for a cricket maniac...high fives for the ones braught to us...(y)"

Jambagi_iranna, manager of jambagi XI

"I like this game & almost visiting regularly..."

Vicky_Khaiwal, manager of Jaat Aryan'Z

"The game is very much interesting and challenging as well. I have been playing the game for more than one year but it has not yet lost its charm. Its unique feature of training makes it more interesting. Although I have been promoted as Prodigious Manager, I am still learning it and hope to enjoy it in future too!"

Hedonyx, manager of Calcutta Cobras

"Enjoying the cricket by the form of manage it. Good app"

Pradeep Pep, manager of Dares

"itz realy a great game and addictive"

Abhinand K L, manager of GAMESTERS UNTAMED

"A great game indeed, sort of hooked on to it. thanx admins for putting up such a good effort"

Ritwik Bhattacharya, manager of neoz 11