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509 reasons why you'll love Hitwicket!

"I love the game. This has been my constant companion since 2013. "

SandeepM, manager of Sin Angels

"I started playing hitwicket 1 month back..this is really the best cricket manager game one can play..i have really been addicted to it and would like to achieve all the targets..very nice work by the developers to design the game..hope to get more amazing features ahead and keep on playing it."

Hasnain Rangooni, manager of Fearless Stalwarts

"Excellant app.. Liked it very much.. "

Satish, manager of Rumbond

"Really a nice game. Am addicted to this game."

MUKESH, manager of Balihari

"I love this game. And I don't even like cricket game in real life."

The Notorious One, manager of The Ravens

"love the game. enjoying every bit of it."

Sakib Emon, manager of Shopnil

"Fantastic game. Best in its class. Superb Work. Keep the good hard work going on. "

Alan_Fernandes, manager of NSW Supremos

"Fabulous game . Thinking if i can really become manager of indian team"

Dushyant, manager of Punjabi rockstar

"i like it a becomes one of my daily routine. :-p "

srirupsri, manager of XI rulers

"Very addictive game so far. Love to play all time. It create real cricket experience. Thanks to all devs."

Virat, manager of T Rex Army

"Just keep up d good work, u guys rock!!!"

Dronacharyaa, manager of supergladiators

"i love this game it gives me all what i wanted to do in a game :)keep it up"

AQeel_Raja, manager of jokerz01

"I love this game.. I am learning project management from this game. Strategy forming, team grooming and end of the day it is game just for fun."

AAA_MNGR, manager of 3ACB

"I really enjoying the game .its awonderful game am ever seen .thank you guys"

sanalkalliparambill, manager of Royal Army 11

"nice game.. love to play hitwicket.. thank you! "

suuuuubham, manager of SUBU KILLER

"Very addictive game . Cant live without hitwicket. Keep it up guys . "

Ajay Samay, manager of SAMAY

"Thank you so much hit wicket. .."

chetram_dhamu, manager of dhamu boyzz XI

"Amazing Game and truly addictive. "

Subeesh, manager of Avenging Rhinos

"constantly evolving, the DEVs really look after the needs of the game and Managers."

RockyMountainBandit, manager of Bhangra on the pitch

"Amazing game, really love it, from Australia"

Alexander McGuinness, manager of Sacred Stars

"Really great example of simulation of cricket game. Really good experience to manage team and own team."

Dipen Shah, manager of Indian Challangers

"Wonderful Improvements over the last one each and every aspect of the game :)"

Deepan Mahendran, manager of Garjikkum Samurai's

"Hitwicket become the part of my life very addictive and have like a real cricket"

SurResh, manager of CrUsH ThE FoRcE

"Almost 3 months in the game... just loving it, it makes me feel like really a manager of a cricket team... a great game "

Saantanu Sarkar, manager of Santa's Tigers

"This is one of the best game I have ever played. It is a type of game which I will never delete from my phone. The game engine is just outstanding. Hope this increases more and more in number. All the best"

Vidyanshu Singh, manager of MS Dhoni's XI