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914 reasons why you'll love Hitwicket!

"Its the best manager game... And the first one for cricket.. Its the best challenge for other football managing games.. The best ever and best possible"

legendz19, manager of THE WALL'S U20 TEAM

"i have reached to the next level "

Farokh Mehta, manager of Farokh XI

"It's a good game.I like hitwicket a lot and the improvement done in the past months are superb "

sanalkalliparambill, manager of Vajra warriors

"It gives me immense pleasure for being a supreme manager...Day and Night hard work has paid off finally... "

MrXinDubaiiii, manager of Superb Attackers

"Great to be on the next level. Good features unlocked spl the scout."

DrugLord, manager of Jat 11

"Happy to become prodigious manager"

Sagar Thanna, manager of Jugheads X1

"Had a fantastic week in hitwicket meeting new frns n learning new strategies thank u hit wicket"

Vikram, manager of Vikrams Vipers

"Greatful to hit wicket for providing such a great game"

AdDySheTTy, manager of Big Test Icicles

"overall this management game is pretty cool and realistic. loving it so far "

Mahfuj, manager of Warriors Of Darkness

"Feeling awesome to get promoted ...tanx"

Divyaraj Divakaran, manager of Punyalan's

"I think it's a great game for all Guy's"

Shaikh Shahrukh, manager of INDIAN SUPER KINGS

"If you are a cricket fan and look for a strategic game here it is"

bsantony, manager of STALWARTS DE CHENNAI

"Thats Great! Thank you. Hopefully, the new features keep things as interesting as they have been. The game seems to be improving on a daily basis and it seems obvious that things are only going to get better."

Jeetesh Menda, manager of BarMen Kings

"Thanks hitwicket for such a fabulous game.I'll continue to be a part of it for long."

Praneet Gupta, manager of nawabs1

"This is a great pleasure for me to be a prodigious manager"

Shubh Gupta az09s, manager of Crazy Ballers

"This game is just amazing... Just loved it"

rnyadav, manager of mAVericks EleVeN

"Excellent game.highly addictive"

Ashes, manager of Ashes Eleven

"so guys thanks for all you efforts for getting this level thank thank yo very munch"

HariSh5K, manager of NSP Rockzzzzzz

"I just loved it what a work and I want to say I am also Bca student and I know that hitwicket team will do hard work on it and that's the important for any kind of software to become success nice work keep it up!"

AH_Chaudhary, manager of Ranavas Royal

"It's Great to manage all new things which really look like real life event management."

Nitishgopalika13, manager of Nitishgopalika13 XI

"I am happy that I could reach this level only in 1 year."

Raviraj Phutane, manager of Roaring Rangers

"Fantastic forum for all cricket lovers ... helps you to enhance your own managerial abilities and own a team of your own! cheers to HW team... "

Snehal Sadanandan, manager of Bullz XI

"Hurrey...great moment. ..its too awaited moment..thbks Hw help us to reach new goals.."

Ny Nesh, manager of NY's XI

"I m very happy....Hitwicket love u you r best"

Talha Ahmad, manager of Asansol Tigers

"Gaining experience about managing a team.. thank you hitwicket"

navaneeswar, manager of true warriors