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"Game is getting better and better"

balaachi, manager of ABC XI

"Its a good idea who make this game. I feel joy to play the game."

Riten, manager of CHT Jumma land

"Gr8 game guyzz...and android app also up to the mark"

Ginu P Saji, manager of Challengers XI

"I love playing this game... Great pleasure..."

Prathamesh Sawant, manager of prathams

"Wonderful game requires stratic thinking n how to out play ur opponent just love it "

Abhishek Aggarwal, manager of Abhi29

"Good game. Completely addictive. Initially I left the game, but couldn't resist it and returned back."

Vamsi_IITI, manager of Dinosaurs

"Its a very addictive game. I like it very much."

Aniruddha_Guha, manager of SRM Warriors

"Awesome Cricket Management Game...Once you start playing Belive me you will get in addict to it.. It very clear & Light game. happy to have a game like this...5 Star for this game...thanks the developer and the Hitwicket team for this lovely game..."

STARXI, manager of Star Devilz XI

"So far everything going good...keep do well.."

DonTheRaja, manager of COCHIN SUPER WARRIORS

"Day day am going good n improving my team. Its awesome to be a part of HW. "

MallikarjunKumbar, manager of Karnataka HUMBARU

"It's a game for socializing and getting know people "

Musa Ali, manager of Musa's 11 Men

"My love for this is increasing day by day love you the way you guys are working. Keep it up"

Shahzeem Memon, manager of Memon XI

"One of the most wonderful online game I've ever played. Best part is continuous improvement in game features. I just love cricket and this game is giving opportunity to love it more n more."

Praneet Gupta, manager of nawabs1

"Wow.. it makes me interesting day by day"

Muthuvel_Dhoni, manager of Team Blitzkriegs

"Its a nice game i like it very much."

DevilRocky, manager of Red Hunters

"Awesome game which is addictive"

Manikanta Rao, manager of HISTORY CREATOR

"yes definitely awesome game ..... "

Shukla Jagrut, manager of Gujju'riders11

"It is a great tourney. I faced great experience till now & wanna more fun."

Rakesh Tomar, manager of JAAT BOYS

"This virtual T20 management game is nothing less than the original one.....thank you Hitwicket...."

SRKeerth, manager of Andhra Dynamos

"Really I Love this game a lot..Iam addicted to it.."

Kumar S, manager of India MSD XI

"Really a nice experience so far..."

Akhil M A Cherthala, manager of Challengersss

"I love this game, its very interesting. I love when I watch the live score card and enjoy the game."

John Carter, manager of AB Devilliers XI

"ts an awesome us the managing experience...its awesome!!"

Charan Pallav, manager of Little Minnesota

"I am playing hit wicket for 2years i like and love it"

keerthifam, manager of famyin fc

"Loving new look...good work @developers"

DaBangi_BajrangI, manager of LoveMuskeetrsHOODER