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"Excellent game.highly addictive"

Ashes, manager of Ashes Eleven

"so guys thanks for all you efforts for getting this level thank thank yo very munch"

HariSh5K, manager of NSP Rockzzzzzz

"I just loved it what a work and I want to say I am also Bca student and I know that hitwicket team will do hard work on it and that's the important for any kind of software to become success nice work keep it up!"

lynnsanity, manager of Ranavas Royal

"It's Great to manage all new things which really look like real life event management."

Nitishgopalika13, manager of Nitishgopalika13 XI

"I am happy that I could reach this level only in 1 year."

Raviraj Phutane, manager of Roaring Rangers

"Fantastic forum for all cricket lovers ... helps you to enhance your own managerial abilities and own a team of your own! cheers to HW team... "

Snehal Sadanandan, manager of Bullz XI

"Hurrey...great moment. ..its too awaited moment..thbks Hw help us to reach new goals.."

Ny Nesh, manager of NY's XI

"I m very happy....Hitwicket love u you r best"

Talha Ahmad, manager of Asansol Tigers

"I Am Really Happy On This Achievement :)"

Furqan Siddiqui, manager of Jaguar's XI

"It's one hell of a game..keeps me engaged"

Kabilan, manager of SUIT UP XI CC

"Hitwicket interesting day-by-day"

Bharath Xception, manager of Xception XI

"Really a nice game to hang on but it's a big time eater "

Karthikeyan, manager of Chennai Rangers

"Feels good to reach at this level so quick, thanks for those MRPs."

Ravi Pushkar, manager of EL1T3

"Superb team managing app need more and more features "

Satya Reddy, manager of reddy champs

"this is a very nice game, and i will try my best :)"

Goku Saiyan, manager of Mystic Z Warriors

"I love it thats why playing from so long time. Its the part of my life now. Excellent work devas :*"


"Long term planning and strategy required in this game. A game which makes you think."

Vin_z7, manager of Dread Chargers

"It's really a great thing to progress ahead in hitwicket"

Anil Bagal, manager of ANILBAGALXI

"Playin since long. And today after along time time i have become. Exemplery manager All crdof goes to HITWICKeT"

Springfield, manager of Bunnty XI

"Very awesome and addiction game. "

Nickeshmehta, manager of Nickeshmehta XI

"Very good cricket management game"

Selvadurai, manager of MSDSPARTANS

"I love this HitWicket more than Facebook "

Bobby Strike, manager of OceanGaints

"Awesome game. Up there with the best games around This game can test your strategic acumen without stressing you out. Highly addictive. "

Steely, manager of Dazed and Confused

"I just love this game to the core."

Subeesh, manager of Avenging Rhinos

"Simply awesome. Im living in this wonderful universe."

Mr Meeis, manager of MEE D KING