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960 reasons why you'll love Hitwicket!

"Thanks to lord almighty and my love n to my bro rahul who invited me here"

PraveenSVAyyar, manager of Salem Super Shiners

"I am proud to be reached new level and I am satisfaction for play with the game "

Sathish Kumar, manager of SAT STAR's

"I hope matches are played more regularly"

lckyboy, manager of The Warangal Team

"Hey!!! Its a good experience with hitwicket since last 2 years"

Sagar Shah, manager of SAGAR'S SUNRISERS XI

"Thankuu for this wonderful game"

IMRAN KHAN, manager of MaNoFWaR

"Everything is perfect. No changes needed."

Rahul Ganga, manager of Titans United

"This game is just awesome and devs are constantly making the game better .I started playing this game approx a year ago when my friend invited me."

Jatin JJ, manager of Einstein

"Awesome game. Never played a reality game like this. Love it"

Siva Sankar, manager of The Sankar 11

"quite happy to became a remarkable manager in this game...very interesting and joyful game.keep working on it."

RB Ahmed, manager of RB HUNTERS

"I am really enjoying this game..... it is an awesome game "

Maverick nomi, manager of The Maverick 11

"I am playing this game for more than a year now and I love this game so so so much hats off to u guys for making such a wonderful game"

MR_MAK, manager of The Slayer's

"Was waiting for long. finally a level up. good to keep going."

Anirudh Bhat, manager of Anirudh 11

"It's a excellent team management game"

Pankajksonawane, manager of Pankz Crackers

"Every match they play for me to do this possible i am proud of my boys....."

Rey Yugeswaran, manager of Yugan Super Kings

"Very glad to hear about my upgrade thanks to hit wicket "


"Amazing GAme.....Best i played yet"

Anu_Kaliyar, manager of Bloody Cavaliers

"Become magnificent.. Special feeling today. After 6 months.. Reach that level."

BAAPU, manager of Kachchh

"It's the best game for cricket lover's like me."

SwapsXI, manager of SwapsXI

"Yet another level unlocked..I feel thrilled"

K PriO, manager of DraGon RiVerie

"in my hitwicket career,there is ups and downs. The game is becoming more exciting."

Enthusiastic Das, manager of CALCUTTA ROCKERS

"Hitwicket experience is awesome. I love this game. "

Ar Siddhant Jain, manager of Wolverine Attack

"Just a greatest game....truly loving it "

AdDySheTTy, manager of Big Test Icicles

"ya its a vry nice game i had ever played... really it gives the idea of cricket... "

Pramod Halapeti, manager of Special 91

"Looking forward to get to another level"

blackdogs1, manager of rotary

"Enjoying the game in all respects. "

Jayant, manager of Hattari